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Monday, October 11, 2010

Chain Reaction

Scripture Read: Hosea 2:[21] "And it will come about in that day that I will respond," declares the LORD. "I will respond to the heavens, and they will respond to the earth, [22] And the earth will respond to the grain, to the new wine, and to the oil, And they will respond to Jezreel.  [23] "And I will sow her for Myself in the land. I will also have compassion on her who had not obtained compassion, And I will say to those who were not My people, 'You are My people!' And they will say, 'Thou art my God!' "

Application: The chain reaction is what catches my mind here. I realize this is not the way the Lord always works, but it is interesting to see that many times He does. He begins something and allows it to cause a chain reaction – a clear ripple effect. How true this is in many of His movements – whether it be to a person or a group. When a part of my character responds to the Lord, then all my character is affected. When the Holy Spirit illuminates  truth to my heart – my mind, emotions and actions are also impacted. Reach one segment of society and all society is affected. This is also the way sin works. I cannot have just a little sin – it affects all of me I must keep that truth in my mind. Lord help me to not open the door for this chain reaction to take place in my life with regards to sin. Help me instead to see your chain reaction take place in my heart, family, and ministry. I love you Lord!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The True False god’s

Scripture Read: Hosea 2: [8] "For she does not know that it was I who gave her the grain, the new wine, and the oil,  And lavished on her silver and gold,  Which they used for Baal.  [9] "Therefore, I will take back My grain at harvest time  And My new wine in its season. I will also take away My wool and My flax  Given to cover her nakedness.   [10] "And then I will uncover her lewdness  In the sight of her lovers, And no one will rescue her out of My hand.   [11] "I will also put an end to all her gaiety, Her feasts, her new moons, her sabbaths, And all her festal assemblies.  [12] "And I will destroy her vines and fig trees, Of which she said, 'These are my wages  Which my lovers have given me.'  And I will make them a forest, And the beasts of the field will devour them.  [13] "And I will punish her for the days of the Baals  When she used to offer sacrifices to them  And adorn herself with her earrings and jewelry, And follow her lovers, so that she forgot Me," declares the LORD.

Application: This is a powerful concept. How much of what God has lavished on me have I used to serve other god’s. My talents and gifts used to serve my ego? My imagination to serve vengeance and sex? Even my body. Serving the pleasures of food and lust? Why do we so often read a verse like this and quickly dismiss it. Yes we have no wooden idols in most cases, but that does not mean we are not using what God has given us to serve other gods we have set up in our lives. I am sure that I have squandered much of what You have given Lord. For that I ask Your forgiveness. Fill me with your Spirit. Let me look again at what You have given me and make sure I am honoring You with how I am using it. This may be painful now, but in the end it will be better to honor You rather then remain complacent and lose an eternity of investment. Thank you Lord for your Grace and Patience with me. I love you.