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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

What is your life worth?

Probing Proverbs: 5:5-6 Her feet go down to death; her steps lead straight to the grave. For she cares nothing about the path to life. She staggers down a crooked trail and doesnt realize it

One of my loves when I was young was being on a dirt bike. (motorcycle) The first bike I owned was a Honda 70. My father signed a loan for me…I was 14…and I paid $40 a month for over a year. I had a paper route and worked hard for that bike. I had many friends to ride with and we would always challenge each other taking on hills that were steeper and steeper. One friend had a 125 that his parents had bought him. They were very well off and anything he wanted they basically bought for him. He was a nice guy, but I watched him mistreat a musical instrument his parents had bought him, and I thought, “Wow my brother Mark would never do that!” Mark had swept apartment steps for a year to by his guitar. One day my friend and I decided to take on “Suicide Mountain”…that’s what we called it. No one we knew ever made it to the top. When we were both about ¾ of the way up, our bikes began to stall. Suddenly both bikes just stopped. 
My friend jumped off his bike and let it tumble down the hill, and walked away. I jumped off my bike…still holding onto the handlebars…and began pushing it up to the top. I had to fall on my knees and push. I made it, my bike was in perfect shape, my friend’s was very mangled.

When you don’t care about the cost of something, you can treat it with disdain and complacency. This Proverb illustrates this very truth. Remember, this is not a literal woman being discussed here; she merely represents “SIN.” The carelessness and callousness of sin is well described here. Notice – life does not concern her – so true! What real life is and means is not important to sin, what feels good right now is all that matters. What will make me the happiest right now is the focus, no thought of consequences or ramifications. It’s like that song: “we’ve got tonight babe, who needs tomorrow?” Oh how the song changes when disease is discovered or families are destroyed! But sin does not consider that, it only hears its appetite! Sin never counts the cost because its essence is evil and destruction. The person is just a pawn to use so sin can continue filling itself with what it wants. Notice also that this callousness blinds sin to the crooked trail. When we are under the influence of sin our vision is perverted. We cannot see things as they are; we see them as we want to believe they are. That’s why people rationalize some very sick behavior. It costs sin nothing…YOU pay!

Your life is very valuable, God created you for a purpose and a wonderful destiny. If you understand how precious you are to God, you will live your life as a stewardship. Sin, on the other hand, cares nothing of the value, sin is never interested in the cost of a life wasted, it is strictly a consumer! Sin chews up lives and then spits them out! Live close to God and He will empower you to overcome sin.

The so what? Have you pondered what your life is worth? Have you pondered how God views the value of “you?” Is a temporal pleasure worth more than an eternal reward? Are you counting the cost of the life you are living? Have you asked the Lord to help you invest your life?