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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Can I really have a “Good Life?”

      Probing Proverbs: 4:10–1 2  

My child, listen to me and do as I say, and you will have a long, good life. I will teach you wisdom’s ways and lead you in straight paths. When you walk, you won’t be held back; when you run, you won’t stumble.

One of the key things I experienced living in a foreign country, and not having any language training, is that when you do learn any words…take the time to try and fully understand them. The ministry I was asked to take on included no language school. At 38 it would be difficult anyway, not to mention, that particular skill is not one of my best. I was asked to see how fast I could begin discipleships in a foreign land without language school. I had my first disciple in 2 months. The other advantage of this was it prevented me from becoming the “pastor” – I had to rely on my disciple to teach the small groups. However, when I did learn certain Tagalog words I did my best to fully comprehend them. When I learned “Bahala Na” it was at the death of two children. After a lot of study I realized there is no direct English translation, however, context will bring to light what it means. If it comes from a person that believes in God, it most likely will mean, “God’s will be done.” If the person saying it believes in fate it will be more of a “que sera sera - whatever will be, will be.”  One thing I did find, the better I understood the word, the more I comprehended the impact of the statement…whether for good or bad.

How much more important it is that we take the time to meditate 

on the words God chose to breath into His book. This Proverb is packed with important words. We cannot take the time to thoroughly work through each word, you can spend time doing that later, but we can get some idea of how powerful this                                                             Proverb promises are.

“Wisdom’s Ways” – This should provoke us to stop and consider what is meant here. Wisdom is not an item you attain; it is a process and an understanding of a way to live your life. The more you understand the principles, the more your life will have a flavor that others will describe as “wise.” What is so wonderful, in James God promise to all that ask for wisdom to give it! Each time you find yourself in a situation where you are seeking wisdom for an answer, when resolved, not only have you handled the situation, but also you have learned how God thinks! Now you are building a “way” of life that will guide your steps in the path of life. 

“Straight” – Whenever we think of a path, we consider safety, 
directness and clear sight. A “straight” path communicates ease of travel because there are no unseen curves, which makes it safer. A “straight” path is the quickest way to get to where you are going, and you can see ahead, so your vision is clear.

“Held Back” – Nothing is worse than trying to walk and something is trying to hold you from moving. Walking into a very strong wind can be very tiring, and trying to walk out into the ocean with high surf can be a real challenge. Wisdom fuels your walk so that nothing can hold you back. Remember, when it comes to the “fuel” of wisdom, the supply is endless because it flows from Him!

“Stumble” – Nothing is more embarrassing, dangerous and (can be) funny than when a person stumbles. At best, if they are not hurt, they might laugh and be embarrassed. At worst great tragedy can happen, from losing a race, to losing your life. Wisdom will guide your feet to be firmly planted as you run the race.

“Good Life”  - To follow after wisdom and understand what it will produce we must ask what do I mean by “good life”? Many people in this world would define that term differently. Some would bring an economic number as the definition, others would place a trophy or public acknowledgment as a definition of the good life. Each of us must search our soul and ask what is our definition. Scripture describes the good life as one that is full of purpose, a sense of destiny with an eternal perspective. History has seen many rich miserable people, many well-known and successful, according to worldly standards, individuals who would not say they had the “good life”. To live purposely with anticipation of the future, and to know that you can possess principles that guide your walk, a path that is straight, and when you walk, you will not be held back or run and not stumble, this is truly the Good Life!

The so what? How quickly do you make decisions? Would others describe you as “reactive” or “proactive?” When do you go to God for wisdom, only BIG decisions, or every decision? If I were to ask you what is your purpose in this life, would you have a clear answer that you are at peace with? How do you view the future, with fear, anxiety or anticipation? How would you describe your life? “Good”? Take the time to understand how you really feel about your life…right now. You cannot do anything about your past, the only life you can deal with is now and the future.